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Disaster comes in all different shapes and sizes. Although we are known primarily for our expertise in fire damage repair, water removal, disaster restoration, and mold removal and remediation, we are trained and certified to handle many situations outside of those realms. Whether you need to repair damage done by a vandal or vehicle, or are concerned about the air you breathe, we are equipped to restore damage and peace of mind. We offer air duct cleaning services, protection from infectious diseases, as well as crime scene cleanup.


Vandalism and Graffiti Removal

When vandals strike, we’re here to blast away the paint using a technique known as media blasting: a safe, non-toxic process that uses compressed air to delicately restore hard-to-remove material without causing abrasion to surfaces. We offer tarping and board-up services for broken windows, damaged walls, or any other property damage that has occurred.


Air Duct Cleaning Services

Dirty ducts may be negatively affecting your health, especially if mold has been identified on your property. A typical six-room home can produce up to 40 pounds of dust and dirt annually, helping unhealthy bacteria, fungi, mold, and dust mites thrive. These contaminants are pulled into the HVAC system and re-circulated throughout your home five to seven times each day. Cleaning air ducts can result in energy savings as well. We offer APCO UV system that can be installed following an air duct cleaning, in order to improve indoor air quality. We know how to clean air ducts so that all dust, dirt, and any harmful contaminants, including black mold, is removed.


Infectious Disease Control Services

We use chemical-free, botanical products to naturally sanitize and neutralize contaminated surfaces in order to prevent illness or disease from spreading in your home or business. Our cleaning solution provides preventative sanitization for continuous protection against germs.

We are equipped to decontaminate after blood, bodily fluids or other material following a trauma (such as cleanup after injury, death, suicide, crime scenes and vehicle impacts).

To protect your home or business from possible future contamination, we offer preventative measures that defend against bacteria, fungi, or any illness that may come through the door. We use food-safe sanitizing solutions that protect surfaces for up to three months. They are safe to use around children and seniors, and aim to break the chain of infection and disease (including defense against MRSA, Staph, C. Diff, Ebola, M1H1 and more). We offer customized plans, visiting monthly, quarterly, or as often as you need us to, in order to treat the property and keep it up to date and continuously safe.


Vehicle Impact Restoration Services

Whether someone accidentally drove through the garage, or an unexpected vehicle drove into your home or business, we are equipped to handle restoring your property and peace of mind. After assessing the property damage from the vehicle, we will board-up and tarp the property as necessary, and provide additional temporary storage for belongings to keep them safe during the rebuilding process. We remove debris, sanitize, and deodorize areas affected by the impact.


Crime Scene Cleanup Services

We are equipped to handle crime scene cleanup and remove any contaminated or explosive material (such as drug paraphernalia, blood and bodily fluids) and thoroughly clean, deodorize, and sanitize all affected areas. As crime scene cleaners, we have handled meth labs, cleanup after injuries, death or suicide, and other sensitive situations. Our professional carpet cleaning services remove blood from carpet and our media-blasting process safely sanitizes delicate surfaces. We are prompt with removal in order to restore normalcy after tragic events.

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